Workshop avec Andrew McAuley, les 18 et 19mars

Suite à plusieurs demandes, nous continuons les séries de workshops avec Andrew McAuley, de théorie et de pratique, comment il faut développer et soutenir votre propre pratique du yoga en prenant en considération vos propres caractéristiques physiques et vos propres capacités.



Teacher: Andrew McAuley

Tagline: "Driven from vision. Directed from heart. Moved from soul."

Description: A yoga practice where YOU are the focus. Our approach is simple. Create multiple entry points, through which every body is invited to see present capacities and strengths, explore healthy challenge, and engage curiously and honestly yielding profound, relevant, and sustainable results. Each experience is a "living" practice, a responsive process of refinement in which all movements relate back to a central focus, inspiring you to be conscious of your progress every step of the way.

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Le stage est intégralement donnée en anglais.

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