Apprenez les inversions avec Nabs Hadi

À propos de Nabs:

Nabs Hadi  is a traditionally trained Yoga teacher. He is part of a rich Yoga tradition from the Ashtanga Yoga lineage, Pranayama tradition from the Kaivalyananda lineage and  Sufi tradition from the Naqishbandi lineage. He is now conducting many workshops and retreats both in the UK and globally aiming at bringing you the complete Yogic experience including the physical, mental and the spiritual practices using the tools within The Eight Limbs of Yoga and the energy and guidance from the spirit world. 

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Inversion Workshop

Join Nabs Hadi for a fun, inspirational and explanatory Inversion Workshop. In this workshop Nabs will take you on a journey to expand your intellect and learn the correct and safe way to stand on your head and balance on your arms with confidence through a series of detailed Asana in order to strengthen your mind, dropping the fear of falling and be empowered to love seeing the world upside down. 

 * This workshop is suitable for ALL levels and abilities.*

Langue du workshop: anglais

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