Tina Hedrén est de retour chez Yogiface avec son programme préparé uniquement pour vous et dédié à la saison d'été.

About Tina

Tina Hedrén
Tina comes from a background of gymnastics, dance and fitness. She’s a qualified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Yoga Alliance affiliate and presents and lectures worldwide. She’s constantly offering interesting training concepts for the Scandinavians through her own company ‘Movement Arts’. Tina feels strongly about sharing Seasonal concepts to balance our fast lifestyle and maintain good health and vitality. Tina also teaches Pilates, Chi Kung as well as Tai Ji.
Tina is based in Uppsala, Sweden and has presented in South Africa, Australia, China, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Japan, Greece, Singapore, Germany & all over Scandinavia

About Seasonal Yoga

In Seasonal Yoga we aim to unite the individual with nature’s changes and constant flow. What goes on in nature is reflected in us. We need the energetic shifts of the seasons to balance rest and activity. By learning more about nature and the seasons, we learn more about ourselves. If we allow too much imbalance or stress we feel drained of energy and experience working against ourselves.

Seasonal Yoga is a soft flowing hatha yoga where the asanas and yoga flows change as spring transforms into summer and autumn passes to winter. We have included the Traditional Chinese Medicine as well. The classic yoga positions are slightly adapted to stimulate acupressure points as well as meridians, the energy channels.

Friday June 22

1rst workshop

17.00 Welcome & Fire Element Talk

18.00 Summer Flow 1

19.30 Love Meditation

20.00 End of Day

Saturday June 23

2nd workshop

09.00 The Body in Summer Time

10.00 Connective Tissue

11.00 Summer Flow 2

12.30 Lunch break


3rd workshop

14.00 Dao Yin of the Dragon -working with the Connective Tissue

15.00 Asana workshop – arm balances

16.00 Afternoon tea

16.30 Yoga Nidra

17.00 End of Day

Sunday June 24

4th workshop

09.00 Looking at Sun Salutations Ashtanga and Surya Namaskar

10.00 Summer Flow 3 & Meditation

11.30 Bija Mantra & Meditation

12.30 End of Day

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